Tips For Managing Your Money

Tips For Managing Your Money

When it comes to money you need to understand how it works and why we need it.  For those that are not a money broker or have PHD’s in money management learning some basic skills for managing their money will allow them to get by and start to prosper financially.

Don’t lend out money

When people are in need or if you have a few extra dollars, it is hard to say no.  However, if you are going to be successful in the ways of money you need to say no to those that need money.  Now, if you want to donate money to a charity or something along those lines then that is okay, we all should help when we can, but when people try to hit you up for money these are the ones’ you need to stay away from.


The biggest secret to money is creating a budget.  When we create and maintain a budget then we are putting money to good use.  When we have a budget and we stick to that budget we can easily manage what it is we bring in and what goes out.  Of course, there will always be times when we are not able to stick to our budget, and that is okay, however, making it a habit won’t move you forward financially.

Toss change into a jar

It is a good idea to take all of your lose change and throw it into a jar.  This jar needs to be sealed and can’t be opened for any reason.  When we have a sealed jar that we throw our spare change into we are saving for a rainy day.  Also, since the change is so small a few cents here and there we don’t really see it or miss it.  However, when we do end up breaking into it to see what we have, it will become amazing how much we actually saved.

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The end all be all of money management is mindset.  If we don’t have a positive mindset and a dedicated mindset, then we will not succeed in anything that we do.  Follow these basic steps and add to them as you see fit.  Here’s to your success.